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Towards creating a sustainable Agriculture future

Effective risk management (in the form of adequate crop and asset insurance) is vital – and this is where Santam Agriculture is making a real difference to help farmers and producers create a sustainable future.

Gerhard Diedericks, head: Santam Agriculture says that the insurer endeavours to make insurance even more accessible, affordable and attractive to farmers and producers. “With more than 83 years of experience, we value our stakeholders’ business requirements and need to understand all the challenges they face in order to provide insurance good and proper.

Gerhard believes that Santam Agriculture has a responsibility to help stimulate a positive environment for farmers, organised agriculture, and agri-businesses in South Africa.

“The demand for food in South Africa has increased substantially in the past decade and this trend is expected to continue. The increase has been driven partly by a growth in population but also been triggered by increased consumer spending power. Our ever growing population will continue to demand increasing quantities of food and as such, opportunities will always remain for innovative producers that are able to keep improving productivity and producing more from less.

“Our sponsorships with relevant players in the agricultural industry not only bring us closer to our stakeholders, but also give us the opportunity to get critical input when developing custom-made products to address specific needs.”

Santam Agriculture undertakes to illustrate the fundamentals of insurance to farmers and producers, they also want to give them real solutions and sound advice, relevant to their specific circumstances. Insurance is often seen as a grudge purchase – Santam Agriculture’s challenge is to make it more practical. It’s all about knowing clients and deciding what will work best for them and their specific circumstances.

“We want farmers and producers to know that we understand their requirements, that we value their contribution to the economy and sustainable food production, and above all that we share their passion for farming.”

Santam Agriculture’s research farm, Mooihoek (near Bloemfontein), is a good example of how Santam Agriculture can add value for farmers and producers. The scientific research done at Mooihoek provides farmers and producers invaluable information about the potential damage to crops at various growth stages. Santam Agriculture is still the only South African insurer to date with such a research facility.





Swartland Wine & Olive Route • Tel 022 487 1133 • Fax 022 487 2063 • E-mail